Group Fitness sessions have become super popular in recent years. The community, friendships and the accountability and motivation of your mates pushing you make group class very attractive. Not only is it a lot of fun, you get the watchful eye of an instructor who can correct your form. So how do you do you get the most out of these sessions? 

Start with a thorough warmup

You really want to make sure your warming up correctly, whether you have your own routine you do before class or the instructor takes you for a warm-up, none the less it should be specific for the movements your about to be doing.

Understand the intent for the session

Is the session designed to be short and intense?, is it heavy lifts?, or maybe it’s meant to be more endurance based? By understanding the intent of the session, you will be able to pace yourself and select the correct weights and pace for the movements.

Hold yourself to a high standard

You want to rep the benefits of the movements you preform. Squatting to your full depth, locking out the overhead press or preforming the full range in a push-ups will ensure you get the most from your class. 

Finally trust your instructor

They are the expert here and have put a lot of thought into the programming your session with a set intention. Trust the process, but always talk to them if you have any injuries or    concerns.