Have you been training really well, seeing great results, pushing hard during your sessions, only to get injured in some way and now you think it’s all over? All that hard work will be for nothing, right? 

Wrong! Being injured along our fitness journey is likely to happen at some point, however with some considerations we don’t need to put a pause on our exercise all together. Instead of thinking of an injury as a hindrance, think it as an opportunity. An opportunity to try a lower impact class or different movements you may never have tried before. For example, your mobility may be something you may have neglected in the past, however you find that taking a mobility or core class is something you can do without aggravating your injury.

There are also many scaling options we can use to continue to exercise pain free. For example, can you reduce the load, the number of reps, speed at which they are performed, reducing the range of motion right down to changing the movement causing aggravation all together to find one you can do pain free but still achieve the same or similar stimulus.

Yes, having an injury will take time for your body to heal itself before you can go all out again, but it should not stop us on our journey. There are principals for scaling to accommodate injuries. We can also use it as an opportunity to work on things you will normally ignore, why not pick your biggest weakness or aspect to your health you have otherwise not had time to work on and work towards improving it.