We often find ourselves wanting to make change or a difference to our health and fitness but can be unsure how to start. Like any journey it requires a start and end point, here we have put together some simple guidelines to help you get started.

Set your Goals

Everyone has different things they want to achieve, maybe you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, get fitter or train for a sporting event you want to participate in? Your goals will need to set out, these provide clear steps to follow in order to achieve them. It will also help determine the type of training you may need to do.

Choose Your Why

This will help provide focus and gives you the reason to act. ‘Why’ will keep you focused on a direction and provides reassurance and confidence as it removes any confusion. It will also help you realise the consequences of not taking action. Realising these consequences can be a powerful driving force to motivate you towards your goals.

Find a Facility

Finding a facility to train at where you can be supported as little or as much as you need is important. The guidance you get from a coach or gym instructor will accelerate your progress and teach you the tools you need to be successful both inside and outside the gym.

Celebrate the Wins

Celebrate your progress, whether it’s a small thing like getting to the gym or big win like hitting a new personal best make a big deal about it. Had a great week of consistent training at the gym? Rewarding yourself and celebrate in a way that will help drive you closer towards your goals!