You have a good setup at home, a barbell, plenty of weights, maybe a squat rack and a bench, so why go to the gym?

Having setup my home before myself, I found I was able to have the convenience of training in the comfort of my home and save the cost of going to the gym…well for a while anyway.

I quickly found that my motivation was high for the first month and the novelty of training at home was kind of cool. As I went on, I notice my intent, intensity and progress began to drop. That ‘convenience’ of being at home started to have the opposite effect. Interruptions, the dog scratching at the door, the classic ‘I’ll just sit down for 5 minutes’ when I got home all started to take their toll.

I realized the routine of driving straight to the gym along with the community, atmosphere, variety of equipment and being surrounded by like-minded people really did push me to train with a purpose. Before long, the intensity was back. And as a bonus I had the accountability of having my coach on site, keeping track of my program and providing assistance when needed.

So for me, while both at home and gym training both have their pro’s and con’s, there is no doubt training at my gym is the place for me, not to mention my wife got the 4th bedroom back