1. Mix it Up!

We all know the safe place is the treadmills but mix it up. You will get so much benefit from using all the other bits of gear too.

  • Ask How to use things

Most gym owners are dying to get out behind their computer and spend time on the gym floor. If you have a question about the equipment or training, make sure you ask. Not only will you learn something, but it will help you with your training too.

  • No one is judging you

Despite what you might feel or think you’re not being judged. Gyms with a good culture are positive environments where you can feel comfortable and know that people are there to help and encourage you.

  • The Free Weights Section

The free weights section is not just for men. Everyone should use free weights at some point and feel comfortable to do so.

  • Community

Different gyms have different atmospheres. You have to think weather you want to the personalised care of a smaller boutique style gym or left to do your own thing, which you’re more likely to find in a bigger franchise style gym.

Being a part of a gym should be a fun and rewarding experience where you can become fitter, healthier and create the best version of you.