Pre workout, protein powder, BCAA’s, fat burners? Wow, it’s not hard to see why a trip to your local supp shop can blow an easy $300. But the big question is, do they work and how important are they?

If we were to look at importance of supplementation for our nutrition, training and health first we should be considering our total calories, marco breakup, water intake, consistency, meal timing then lastly supps.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for these products, especially when looking at supplementing something like your protein intake as this can be a hard one to consume through food alone, so a good protein powder can be a great way to help hit your required protein intake that day. 

Ask yourself, why it is you need that pre workout before training? There many other things which we can focus on to break through barriers that will get us better results in the gym like our; 

  • lifestyle habits
  • the types of foods we consume
  • addressing your sleep and stress levels 
  • and training consistency, complimented with a good training program 

So before you go and blow a heap of cash on things that more than likely won’t make any difference, take a moment to assess the above and focus on that lowest hanging fruit.