Looking for that perfect answer, that one thing that will solve everything and give you the results you have been looking for? Well, sadly there is no magic one fits all solution and with the road to achieving what you set out to do being faced with twists and turns, ups and down it can be difficult to navigate.

It’s important to realise that when we set out to get fitter, lose weight and or build muscle we come with the expectation that it’s a long-term commitment. We only have one body and ensuring we look after it in the best way possible for a long time should be a foundation for living healthier happier lives.

Your goals are always evolving. It’s human nature that we constantly want more. Where we are now is not where we want to be in 6 months and so on and so forth. We are always moving along a progression towards being better versions of ourselves. This is a process that is continual and never ends.

All you can ask for is to stay committed and continually move forward on your path. Yes, some weeks will be worse than others but there is no need to let that dampen your efforts. Because over time with consistent effort we will improve.