No Destination

We need to know where it is we are going, we don’t jump in the car and drive aimlessly? We plug in a destination and follow a set path. The same goes for our training, we need to know where it is we are trying to get too and from there we can set ourselves up on the most effective route. 

Compound Movements 

Compound movements give you the best value. When it comes to burning calories, building muscle and efficient workouts, a compound move will tick all these boxes, always make these a staple in your workout program. 

Too Heavy Too Quick

Lifting heavy can feel very empowering but sometimes moving big numbers can be giving you a false reading of your progression. Consider, are you able to move it with good form and full range of motion for the prescribed reps? Are you training for strength or hypertrophy? 

Food is Fuel

Food will play a vital roll towards your goals. Are you looking to put on size? Loose weight? maintain your current size and shape, these will all lead to a different intake of calories needed depending on the direction you are taking. 

Next time you think your progress may be stalling consider, are you getting the right guidance, or is there a low hanging fruit mentioned that can be easily implemented.