So, you’ve had a break from your normal training and are not sure where or how to start back? We have put together 3 tips to help you get back into the groove and start kicking goals.

Getting Started

Start with some low intensity sessions for the first one to two weeks. Our body needs time to adjust to load, frequency, duration and all the stressors that training puts on our body. The last thing we want to do is over do it and cause injury or harm to ourselves that will simply set us back.

Seeking Help from the Experts

Doctors, physiotherapists and personal trainer are all experts in their fields and can be used to ensure you are on the right track and maximising your time spent training.

For example, a physiotherapist could help you with those little niggles you may be having, where as a personal trainer can help you directly with your training sessions based on your goals and what your trying to achieve.

Why A Gym?

Gyms can help provide the right environment to train. With a wide range of equipment, machines, staff to help you, and a variety of classes which are fun, motivating. You get the added benefit of being a part of a community. Ultimately you want to find something that is fun and enjoyable.

All in all, remember to think long term. We are not just only trying to satisfy our immediate goals, but we also want to do this for our health and longevity for the rest of our life.