Do you find yourself attracted to the cable machines? finding them easier to use and less confronting than the barbells and other intimidating free weights?

You’re definitely not alone here. Its human nature to find ourselves drawn to the easiest route when it comes a path of resistance. So what are the benefits of moving from those cable machines to say a barbell.

The easiest way to look at this is to see the cable machines as isolation movements, quite often supporting your body so you can really narrow in on a specific muscle, were as free weights will generally not only hit the muscle group you are working but requiring more stabilization and recruitment from secondary muscles also. 

So why does this matter? When it comes to training research shows you get the best value using free weights as they burn more calories and stimulate more overall muscle growth.

This does not mean we need to avoid using cable machines at all. So next time you hit the gym, why not try hitting those free weights first, really putting maximal effort into your main compound lifts then finish off with the machines to fatigue out your targeted muscle group for that day.