Sunday night hits, you are booked into the Monday 6am HIIT class. You go to bed and when morning rolls around you find yourself hitting the snooze button. We have all struggled to stay motivated when we work towards our goals, so how can we improve our motivation?  Motivation is a muscle and like any muscle you can train it to become stronger. Below we have compiled 4 easy steps to strengthen your motivation to help you reach your full potential.

Start Small-

So, you have your big goal, to run a 42km, marathon, that’s fantastic!!! But hold your horses, its great you have these big goals but first you need to start small making them, measurable and specific. For example, start with something like, I will run 5km 3 days/week for the next 3 weeks. This type of goal allows you to practice strengthening your motivation as it lends itself to something achievable over a short amount of time. From hear you progress to something bigger e.g 10km etc. Remember to always keep your eye on the prize

Commit – 

Get up and share what you want to do with your friends, family and loved ones. We are quick to let ourselves off the hook, procrastinate, and find justifications for giving up. By sharing it will not only help hold you accountable but also help build a support network of people who are genuinely wanting you to succeed.

Routine – 

Everyone has different routines or rituals that suit them, so find what works for you. Exercising in the morning may be the start you need to clear your morning and set you up for the day. You may find listening to motivating podcasts on your way to work helps fire you up, ready to conquer the world. Daily rituals that encourage peacefulness are good too, if you are happy and relaxed, motivation will come more easily.

Face Your Fears – 

Fear can be the biggest obstacle holding ourselves back. The thoughts of what might happen if we do something can be enough to stop us in our tracks. However, we can flip this on its head, let the fear of our inaction be even more powerful. Remember you can only cure your fears by facing them, and when you do you will be filled with confidence a sense of accomplishment. Take solace in knowing it’s a feeling we need to feel in order to grow and broaden our horizons.

So, start small, commit, create your routine, and face your fears. Do this and I guarantee you will be surprised with what you can achieve.