Trying to fit your health and fitness into a busy schedule can be tuff. We all have commitments, between work, kids and family life, and even with our best intentions can often easily push aside our own health. However, there is a way to be active and achieve your goals to maintain a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

Create habits

First, we need to start to create some good habits. Just as you would brush your teeth every day or indicate to turn a corner in your car, you should work towards the same with your fitness becoming something you just do. Start by scheduling it into your calendar and this then becomes a non-negotiable 

Reduce Barriers

Simple things like packing your gym bag the night before and placing it by the front door, or driving home on route to the gym straight after work can be simple little things we can do to help stay on track

Make your sessions efficient

Now you have made it to the gym, you don’t need to spend hours training. By having a game plan for when you arrive will give your sessions efficiency. For example, have a training program done up for you. This can not only provide efficiency and direction to your sessions but ensures they are working towards your specific goals. 

Make fitness a part of your daily life

There are lots of ways we can incorporate fitness or activity into everyday life without having to make specific time for it. Can you walk or ride your bike to work every second day? Maybe on your lunchbreak you have a local park you can head to for 20 minutes of exercise or a lake you can walk around