Your friends and family form part of your support network. When that support network does not motivate you towards your goals and aspirations it can leave us wandering where to turn. After all, the health benefits from training are substantial and who wouldn’t want to support our efforts to become the best versions of ourselves? 

Finding yourself in a situation where you want to go to the gym but your friends and family are not supportive? Here are some tips to help win them over so you can have the freedom and support to move towards spending the time you need to at the gym


Sometimes the best way to get a positive response from someone is to let them know why you are doing something. When someone knows the reason you want to go to the gym they are more likely to understand and in turn give you the support you need. 

Build a Support Network

  1. Embrace the interests of others- If you want others to embrace your fitness goals then you have to be there for them too. 
  2. Make time for family and friends This is super important, although going to the gym is beneficial for our health and wellbeing, we can’t be consumed by it. If we are not making time for family and friends then it’s a sure way to alienate ourselves from those that are so important in our lives.
  3. Give back – The old saying ‘you have to give to get’ applies here. Be generous when others need your advice or support. Your sign of support towards them will encourage them to be supportive of you.