Do You Feel Like You’re Starting From Scratch?

February 12, 2021

You may have had a break from training, been on holidays or haven’t been able to make it to the gym and you feel as though all that hard work has gone down the gurgler? Well let’s look at the facts when it comes to strength and cardio respiratory endurance.
First off, there are many contributing factors to the rate and degree of loss to someones strength and cardio. Age, gender previous exercising regime all all factors that can contribute to some degree.
When it comes to cardio respiratory endurance, our ability for our body to transport and utilise oxygen during activity. This is the first to decline, after 1 week you will see a difference and after 2 weeks of inactivity a significant difference.
When it comes to strength we have a bit more time so to speak. 2 to 3 weeks. Some research suggest it strength loss can be up to 10% in the first week however.
So how do we combat this?
Consistent training building a solid baseline fitness level. The longer you have been training for also seems to mean you loose less over a short period of time as opposed to those that don’t train often too.
At PrimeFit we think of training and nutrition as an investment into your health and well being. Training is not a fad, its not a 10 week challenge is about continually improving over time. through being consistent at what we do, following a training plan and sticking to it you don’t need to feel like you are starting from scratch after a break. In fact you may find that you start training on holidays and finding ways to train you wouldn’t have thought of before.

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