How to eat out and not feel guilty… here’s 5 simple steps 

  1. Where you can keep tracking 
    1. Sometimes it can really be that easy. If the food you’re going to eat is easily trackable, do it.
  2. Make room in your calories – 
    1. If you know you’re heading out for a meal or social occasion, allow yourself some extra calories by slightly reducing your other meals. 
    1. Although ideally, we want to spread our energy consumption evenly, our overall goal is to hit the allocated numbers by the end of the day.
  3. Choose wisely
    1. Where you can make the healthier choice. If you have been tracking for a while you will have a better understanding for what has more nutritional value on the menu and might fit your numbers better. 

But there are a couple things to remember

  • If you do have a big day, don’t say ‘I’ll just start again next week’, just get back on it and keep those good habits going.
  • Remember, we are playing the long game here. So, don’t stress and enjoy the occasion. Eating out is about enjoying the company of good people and being with our loved ones.