September 30, 2021

The Setup

  • Address the bar
  • Shins just off the bar (shoelace knot just under the bar)
  • Feet hip width appart
  • Toes slightly turning out
  • Hips go back as knees come forward untill your shins touch the barbell (this is as low as your hips need to go)
  • Grip the bar (under over grip or over over)

Coaching Points

  • Standing tall take a deap breath pushing the air into the bottom of your diaphragm (like your doing a number 2) rib cage locked down.
  • shoulder blades tucked into the ‘back of your pockets’
  • Break the bar, lats engaged
  • Drive the ground away as you stand tall into perfect posture. Drive hips into the bar
  • Control the lift back to the ground exactly the same as you stood it up but in reverse

Quality Criteria

  • Weight does not roll away from your body as you lift the weight
  • Lower back does not round
  • Upper back does not round
  • Hips and knees lock out at the same time
  • Lower back does not over arch at lockout
  • Knees do not fall in
  • Neutral head position
  • No shooting of the hips upwards at the beginning of the pull


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