This is something we hear quite a lot, ‘I eat well, lots of fruit and veg and I have salad’s for dinner but I just cant seem to lose weight’.

It’s a great foundation to work off that you’re eating nutritionally dense foods, but more often than not once we’ve have our guys track their food for a few days we see that they are dramatically under eating. 

One of the big issues with this it can really play havoc on our metabolism. It’s not just about the quality here, it is also about the quantity. The less we eat the more impact it can have not only causing our metabolism to slow down as it compensates for the reduced energy but also start to cause the loss of muscle mass. 

Another great thing to remember, muscle consumes more calories than fat. So as you eat more, energy is increased, your able to start building more lean muscle, not to mention you’ll start to get stronger, all while your metabolism begins to fire up again.

The great benefit here is with this your needing to eat more and more to maintain the new amount of lean muscle you are carrying. 

So get an understanding of not just what, but how much your eating and start reaping the benefits of more good food.