Avoid This Big Mistake When You Go To The Gym

December 30, 2021

Do you want to get the most from your time at the gym? Do you have specific goals you want to achieve? If you come to the gym and make it up as you go hoping you get to reach your goal is like driving somewhere without a map to the destination
To help better understand what we are talking about let’s first define the two.
A Workout  is a random approach or exercise without cause & direction. Like grabbing something from the internet hoping the science of that workout aligns with yours.
Always doing something is better than none at all however we think that when it comes to achieving real results, training is a far better, purposeful and effective way to exercise.
5 Signs you are Working-out
  1. deciding what to do when you get to the gym
  2. not progressing
  3. no coach or program
  4. focusing on quantity over quality
  5. not addressing weaknesses
Training is a carefully constructed plan you follow. Taking into account specific intent and purpose with each sessions specifically selected to work towards improving an element of your health and fitness.
4 Steps to Start training
  1. Follow a plan. know what you are doing in advance.
  2. Track your sessions, recording not only reps and sets but other detail that you need to reference in the future
  3. enlist a coach and/or follow a program
  4. do the common uncommonly well. focus on building a foundation of healthy movement patterns complete accessory work to keep your body healthy.

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