9 Steps to Reduce Injury

December 5, 2021

Have you ever been injured during training? We want to share some simple things you can work on to reduce this risk and improve your performance.
Musculoskeletal Check List
  1. Pre and Post Exercise Routines
  2. Prioritise good movement
  3. Complete accessory work
  4. Regular de-load –  every 6 weeks 70% effort, reps, intensity, weight etc.
  5. Getting adequate sleep quality and quantity
  6. Well hydrated
  7. Nutrition to support a healthy lifestyle eating whole foods where possible.
  8. Move your body through a full range of motion
  9. Have adequate recovery days throughout the week
  1. Dynamic Movement where you are actively moving your body through ranges of motion dynamically, similar to the movements you are about to perform.
  2. Mobilise any tight structures or over active muscles that prevent you from getting in safe positions by stretching or releasing.
  3. Activate muscles relevant to the movements you are about to perform.
  1. Move, continue to move after your session. We want to continue to encourage blood-flow to remove waste from your muscles, this will aid in your recovery.
  2. Mobilise and release tight muscles or structures.
  3. Strengthen muscles that were identified as being weaker.
Prioritise Good Movement Mechanics
Many people believe weight lifted, reps performed and completing a session are the main factors in what progresses you towards your goals. Load the bar up , do the reps, complete the set. Often we find this approach leads to achy backs,  instability,  poor movement and beat up joints.
Positioning, range of motion and stability all help our bodies become more robust and resilient, whether it be to aid in the battlefield of a sport we play or in life itself.  By focusing on good movement mechanics you will build a strong, athletic muscle while at the same time building your capacity to move freely and powerfully. All of which have great transfer over to what ever application you are looking to build.
We look for good movement first, followed by consistency, so looking at doing the correct movement multiple times and then intensity within everything we do. This ensures we are solidifying quality movement patterns and more good reps rather than solidifying bad habits.

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