September 30, 2021

The Setup

  • Ankles together
  • Hands just wider than shoulders
  • Legs squeezed tight/straight
  • Ribs locked down
  • Shoulder blades pushed apart
  • Hands screwing into the ground
  • Hands should be in a position that ensures forearms are 90 degree to the ground


Coaching Points

  • From the setup position there should be no change in body position as your elbows flex, shoulders extend and chest touches the ground
  • A neutral and stable body position can be seen when quads remain off the ground when chest is at the bottom.


Quality Criteria

  • No Shrug of the shoulders (shoulders stay down away from ears)
  • Shoulder blades stay pushed apart
  • No lower back arch or anterior pelvic tilt. Should be able to draw a straight line through ears, shoulders, hips to the ancles.
  • Ancles squeezed together
  • Elbows 30-45 degrees from torso
  • Full range of motion so that chest touches the ground at the bottom and elbows lock out at the top

Forearms should make a 90 degree angle with the ground at the bottom position.

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